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Waste Management

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety(EHS) has implemented a comprehensive program for the management of hazardous materials from College of Charleston operations. EHS manages the hazardous material disposal program and provides oversight. Each generator of a hazardous material should consider the hazards of the chemicals and gases they use, utilize the least hazardous material practicable, and consider strategies to minimize or eliminate hazardous waste streams.

Hazardous waste is picked up routinely on the third Monday of each month by an outside contracted service.  Departments accumulating hazardous waste must create a dialogue and compliance discussion with the EHS Department to arrange for containers, documentation, labels, and schedules.  Departments wishing to submit hazardous waste for pickup must comply with the process requirements here AND must submit an inventory of the waste to be picked up by including the name and the quantity to EHS at least ten(10) days before the pickup date so that the waste can be profiled by the vendor.