Emergency Preparedness

The College of Charleston recognizes that not every scenario can be predicted. However, an emergency response and recovery policy must be able to quickly adapt to unfolding events. The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness and Management Plan is to establish a consistent, coordinated approach for assessing and responding with the necessary management, coordination and control for all unusual situations. The Plan also designates areas of responsibility and defines and describes actions to be taken by the College community to effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from various crises, emergencies or disasters that may affect lives, property and the institution. This plan designates pre-event preparation and the first 72 hours following the event.

All College of Charleston units (Departments, Divisions, Schools, Programs, etc.) must develop emergency plans compatible with the Emergency Preparedness and Management Plan. Where a department has no emergency plan in place for a particular emergency, or when their plan is in conflict with the campus-wide plan, this campus-wide plan shall be used as guidance for the response to and recovery from a critical event.