General Laboratory Safety

EHS is responsible for providing overall guidance and supervision for laboratories on campus. Contact EHS for risk assessment, laboratory inspection, issues with chemical inventory or hazardous waste management.

Risk Assessments and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are complementary tools.

  • A Risk Assessment identifies what can go wrong in a work activity and what harm might result, estimates the likelihood of the event happening, and decides what to do to prevent the identified harmful event or what controls are needed to keep the potential consequences to an acceptable minimum. Risk Assessment Tool can be helpful in understanding risk when preparing for procedures that have an established SOP, varying parameters (e.g. scale, reagents, conditions), or in preparing to write new SOPs.
  • An SOP is typically written for repeated operations, equipment use, or required maintenance. SOPs may also be required for high-hazard chemicals and operations (e.g. work involving Restricted Chemicals, Particularly Hazardous Substances and Highly Reactive Chemicals, and other high risk research procedures).



OSHA Laboratory Safety Guidance (pdf) external link